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Counselling is a way of helping young people with personal and developmental issues and difficulties. Counselling provides an opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways to live in a more satisfying and resourceful way. It helps young people increase their self-awareness, develop personal resources and understanding of their own problems as well as developing strategies to cope with change. Counselling can enable the young person to focus on their concerns, giving them a vehicle to explore specific problems, make choices, cope with crises, work through feelings of conflict and improve relationships with others.¬† The counsellor’s role is one of helping young people to extend their awareness of their subjective world and supporting their natural striving toward self-awareness, self-acceptance and personally-determined solutions.

Young people are under a lot of pressure, which can affect emotional well-being and interrupt the learning process. Therapy gives space to express and understand what is happening and provide the motivation to put in realistic changes and targets to enjoy lives, confident that by learning skills they will manage stressful situations better. It is important to have an experienced therapist with specialist training  in behaviours that obstruct well-being, including anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, substance misuse, eating disorders, peer pressure, exam stress and family issues.